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AIL cutting-edge indoor farms gears for expansion

Agrivo International is thrilled to announce its expansion plans for its high-tech indoor farm - Frontier Agrotech Farms. Frontier Agrotech Farms enhances food securities in cosmopolitan urban cities by optimizing indoor spaces into highly equipped farms with state-of-the-art technology.

Presently headquartered in Singapore with a research & development facility, Frontier Agrotech has laid out plans to expand its farming operations with its completion expected by 4Q 2018. In the years to come, similar farms will be established at different parts of Singapore over the next couple of years while similar operations are set up in Cambodia.

Frontier Farms are fully-equipped, self-aware, high-tech urban farms that maximize the use of indoor spaces cities like Singapore have in abundance. With an enhanced vertical hydroponics growing system in place, the farm can grow an array of leafy vegetables and herbs throughout the year with minimum water consumption.

The crops are free from agrochemicals such as pesticides, and since the locations of the farms will be strategically placed close to our consumers, delivering the freshest harvests in the shortest possible time is guaranteed.

With the in-house Farm Management System and its state-of-the-art crop analytics module, monitoring the operations of multiple farms and recording every aspect of a plant’s growth is possible. These data not only helps maintain the high volume of fresh, quality and affordable harvest but assists farm experts in improving the growth recipes of the crops.

Amidst these exciting times for Frontier Agrotech, the organisation continues to look for collaboration opportunities, investments and partnership to establish its foothold as the leading urban farming systems provider in Singapore.


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